History of
Holy Cross

  • From 1957 to 1968
    Holy Cross High School - 1957

    Holy Cross High School was founded in 1957 under the ownership of the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Originally planned to be a vocational school, the Brothers of Holy Cross recommended that it would best serve young men and the community as a college preparatory school. With this agreement, the Brothers of Holy Cross accepted the administrative responsibilities and thus the school was named Holy Cross High School.

    The education history of Holy Cross High School really began on September 3, 1957 as eighty-four young men from the West Side community enrolled as freshmen. Their campus consisted of eight classrooms, a cafeteria, and a residence for the Brothers. Their faculty consisted of three Brothers of Holy Cross and a chaplain. Tuition was $67.50 per year.

    1957 Class
    First High School Students

    From the beginning, it was recognized that tuition costs and subsidies from the Archdiocese of San Antonio would have to be collaborative. This union would ensure the financial stability of the school while not enforcing the ever-increasing financial demands of rising educational costs upon the students and families enrolled at Holy Cross High School. However, by 1968 tuition at Holy Cross High School had risen from $67.50 a year to $180.00 annually. The subsidy increased as well. Since Holy Cross High School was not the only Catholic school receiving a subsidy from the Archdiocese, and the climate of the day saw more and more Catholic Priests, Brothers and Sisters leaving their respective congregations, the Archdiocese was forced to come to terms with the rising costs of education and their role as financial provider.

  • From 1968 - 1994
    Catholic Education at Holy Cross - 1968

    On February 13, 1968, Holy Cross High School was informed by the Archdiocese of San Antonio that all subsidies would end on May 31st, the final day of the school year. Second, it was believed that due to its location, Holy Cross High School could not support itself and it should close its doors. This decision was unacceptable to the parents, students, faculty, community leaders and alumni of Holy Cross High School. Their support and the dedication of Ms. Vikki Carr carried Holy Cross High School through these threatening times. It was soon resolved that Holy Cross High School would remain open under the sole supervision but not the ownership of the Brothers of Holy Cross. The financial strain at Holy Cross High School was not unique. At the same time, several nearby Catholic elementary schools were closing. In response, Holy Cross High School expanded to include grades seven and eight. Holy Cross was now a college preparatory middle and secondary school.

    Subsequent years saw the Brothers busy with the educational and spiritual development of the increasing student body and the numerous financial requirements consistent with running a school. At the same time, the Brothers were driven by the realization that in the surrounding community, basic medical services were not available. The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services had the surrounding community classified as a physician shortage area. Discussion by students, faculty and alumni eventually led to the establishment of Holy Cross Family Medical Center in 1981. In 1985 the Medical Center expanded and located directly across from the campus of Holy Cross High School, a facility that remains in operation today.

    Vikki Carr at Holy Cross

  • From 1994 - 2001
    High School football team

    To maintain its position as a leading Catholic, college preparatory education institution for young men, especially for young men from the West Side of San Antonio, a more specific identification of ownership of Holy Cross High School needed to be addressed. The first step in this direction agreed upon by both the Archdiocese of San Antonio and the Brothers of Holy Cross led to the incorporation of Holy Cross High School in 1994 as an independent Catholic school governed by a Board of Governors. However, responsibility and commitment that should flow from ownership was still lacking.


    Holy Cross of San Antonio Seal
    Holy Cross Middle School Students

    To further clarify the issues of responsibility and commitment, it was recognized that the future of Holy Cross High School would be better satisfied if transferred to Holy Cross Community Services, the not-for-profit corporation which also owned Holy Cross Family Medical Center. On December 2, 1998, a representative group of alumni and community leaders approached the Board of Governors and formally requested ownership, a request welcomed and approved by Archbishop Emeritus Patrick Flores. This agreement was formalized on May 23, 2001, thus insuring that the education mission of the Holy Cross Brothers will go forth well into the new millennium. To give full recognition to the middle and high schools, the name was changed to Holy Cross of San Antonio.

  • From 2001 – Present
    High School Golf Team

    Since its founding in 1957 and more especially since 1968, Holy Cross has attracted most of its students from the South and West Sides of San Antonio. However, in 2002 the last Catholic high school that was serving young ladies from these same areas closed. After having already faced threatened closure, the absence of a caring ownership, and the disappearance of feeder schools, meeting needs and overcoming obstacles are integral to the determination and commitment of Holy Cross. Over the next few years Holy Cross converted to coeducation in the high school and then in the middle school. With the start of the 2009-2010 school year, Holy Cross of San Antonio became a coeducational Catholic middle and high school. Enrollment at Holy Cross closely reflects the demographics of the neighborhood, that is predominantly Hispanic and made up of mostly low to middle income families.

    Holy Cross coeducational school
    Coed School Students

    The Brothers of Holy Cross trace their origin to the early 1900’s in post revolutionary France. Originally they were known as the Brothers of St. Joseph. Under the direction of Rev. James Dujarie, they united with a group of Priests founded under the direction of Rev. Basil M. Moreau to form the Congregation of Holy Cross. The purpose of the Congregation of the Priests and Brothers stated in the first Constitution, was:

    “…preaching the divine word in the countryside and in foreign missions…and the instruction and education of youth, with a particular care for poor and abandoned children.”

    The history of the Congregation of Holy Cross in the United States began in 1842 with the founding of what is now the University of Notre Dame.